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2nd Feb 2017:-
The Department of Transport (DfT) has put out three documents for public consultation:-
    Night Flights Consultation, closing date of 28th February.
    National Policy Statement (NPS) - a consultation on a Heathrow third runway closing date is 25th May
    Airspace Policy Consultation closing date is 25th May

And Heathrow output this on Sustainability!

16th Dec 2016
Heathrow Airport expansion - GOV.UK

Heathrow Airport expansion: summary document 25 October 2016 Policy paper
Government decides on new runway at Heathrow 25 October 2016 News story
Airport capacity 25 October 2016 Oral statement to Parliament

Heathrow Airport expansion: around the UK 25 October 2016 Guidance
Heathrow Airport expansion: connectivity 25 October 2016 Guidance
Heathrow Airport expansion: economic benefits 25 October 2016 Guidance
Heathrow Airport expansion: environment and local impacts 25 October 2016 Guidance

Technical reports
Airports Commissionís final report and supporting documents.
Airport expansion: DfT review of the Airports Commission's final report 25 October 2016 Research and analysis
Airport expansion: further analysis of air quality data 25 October 2016 Independent report
Airport expansion: further review and sensitivities report 25 October 2016 Research and analysis
Airport expansion: global comparison of airport mitigation measures 25 October 2016 Research and analysis
Airport expansion: Highways England assurance report 25 October 2016 Research and analysis
Heathrow Airport Limited: statement of principles 25 October 2016 Guidance

From: Department for Transport
Part of: Aviation and airports