This morning I was polled by Populus, who are conducting their latest surveys on behalf of Heathrow.
Other than the standard questions about the general election and whether I'd voted and for whom, there were three questions in Heathrow. I phoned them back afterwards to check the wording of the Heathrow questions and I have written these below.
The first question is the standard one.

"The Government has indicated its support for increased airport capacity including a 3rd runway at Heathrow. Do you support or oppose Heathrow expansion?"
Choose from following options:
-Strongly support
-Somewhat support
-Somewhat oppose
-Strongly oppose

Second question:
Which of the following statements comes closest to your view?
"Now that the Government has indicated its support allowing Heathrow Airport to build a third Runway, it would be a waste of time and money for local councils to launch potentially costly legal battles against the Government's decision to support the third runway."
"If local councils feel strongly it is reasonable for these councils to spend time and money on launching legal battles against the Government's decision to support a third runway."

Final Heathrow question:
"As part of Heathrow Airport's plan to build a third runway, Heathrow Airport have committed to reduce the number of people significantly impacted by aircraft noise, extend the ban on night flights and play its part to improve local air quality. How confident, if at all, are you that Heathrow Airport will meet hear commitments?
Very confident
Fairly confident
Not particularly confident
Not at all confident"