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1st Dec 2015
Heathrow is on another "Fishing trip"
- looking for owners/renters names/address's - Dont tell them anything!
Heathrow doesnt have any information for you what so ever! The 3rd Runway is NEVER going to be built!

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3rd heathrow letter to the 783 blighted residents

Aug 2015
Louder Noise at Night?
- Jumbo's are using FULL-THRUST down the runway
Where exactly are the airline fines for exceeding 94 decibels going???

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Noise monitors at Heathrow 2015 fines for exceeding noise levels Make all the noise you want on the runway Heathrows noise measuring instruments & fines ICAO Noise Abatement Departure Procedure
Tankering to Abuja Use full thrust late at night