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Stop 700 More Planes a day



To raise awareness of the campaign issues.



Creative events and peaceful public photo opportunities that are likely to be fun too.

What is it?


We want 700 people to sign up to the '700 More' group, a name that reminds the public of the 700 extra flights that people will be subjected to every single day if a third runway is ever built.

How does it work?


You receive an email informing you of an 'event' and you can decide whether to attend as one of your two pledged events. We advise you well in advance but we may not give all the details until the last minute. We've had coach trips where the purpose and duration has been known but not the destination. For quick Flashmobs, supporters may know the date and time well in advance but not the exact venue. Pledge cards and T-shirts will be sorted out at the new member's first event.

Where do I sign up?


Complete the box or boxes above - it couldn't be easier.


Whats the deal?
Just pledge to take part in TWO of our '700 More' events. Hopefully you'll want to join us for more. We'll have a special '700 More' T-shirt, which we'd like you to wear. It's only £5, which is subsidised to keep it affordable. If money is tight you can borrow a t-shirt, but for a few hours of your time and a fiver you can make a big difference to the campaign.

2nd Feb 2019

Dear fellow anti Heathrow expansion campaigners,

As March looms ever closer and the legal challenges begin, we all have a part to play in raising awareness against the plans for a 3rd runway at Heathrow.

A third runway would create 700 more flights per day and we all know the devastation that would bring. To highlight this number, we are building a "STOP 700 MORE" group and we are asking you to become part of it.

By joining this group, you would represent one of the number of extra flights per day that a third runway would bring if it were to ever open.

To become part of this jolly band, all you need to do is to sign up to join fellow anti-expansion supporters who are pledging to commit to two events.

The first of those actions will be to come outside the High Court in London on the morning of Monday 11th March - the first day of the trial against the Government's plans.

We are asking residents to join senior politicians, environmental organisations, trade unionists and campaign groups in making our voices heard and supporting the Mayor of London, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hillingdon, Richmond, Wandsworth and Windsor & Maidenhead Councils, Greenpeace UK, Friends of the Earth, Plan B Earth and Twickenham resident Neil Spurrier who are challenging the plans for this wreckless expansion of Heathrow in the Court.

So today, we are asking for two commitments. First, to become one of the 'Stop 700 More' members. Second, to come to Court on 11th March (more details on timings and location will be issued in due course), wearing one of our STOP 700 MORE t-shirts.

Please reply to this message with your name, email address and contact number. We do not need to know your address, but it is helpful to us to know where our supporters are based, so please include that if you wish.

We are also looking to plan a second event after the trial has taken place - but more information on that will appear closer to the time.

After the two events, we won't hassle you further unless you want to become part of our campaign. There is no obligation to do so, but of course your support would be extremely welcome.

If you have work commitments but would still like to become one of 700 supporters, then please contact us anyway - your support would still be appreciated!

Whatever your reasons for wanting to stop Heathrow expansion, whether that be: more noise, climate change, air quality, loss of your home or community, we are stronger when united.

You deserve a quality of life; come and peacefully fight for it.

15th Sept 2018 Newsletter 51


Yesterday we heard that on 4th October there is a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice to determine whether some or all of the legal challenges to the Airports National Policy Statement (which puts forward a third runway) will go to full trial. Plan B are planning a photo opportunity outside the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand at 9am on 4th October.

I'm writing to you because you have already shown you're keen to know more about the fight to stop a noisy, polluting and destructive third runway. You may already be active in our campaign or perhaps you simply feel the time has come to DO something more than supporting from the sidelines.

There is no doubt that millions of people will be adversely affected if a third runway is built, yet relatively few realise the massive impact it could have on them personally. It's outrageous that vital information, including something as important as flightpaths, will not be revealed until AFTER planning approval has been given!

Nowhere else in Europe suffers the noise and air pollution that those affected by Heathrow suffer - even with the current two runways. It is beyond comprehension that our government feels it is reasonable to support a foreign company that would rob you of a decent quality of life. You and your family should have clean air that won't damage your health and shorten your lives. You need a decent night's sleep and the chance to enjoy your home and open spaces without suffering the incessant noise generated by Heathrow's operations. Unlike most businesses, the airport is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We want as many supporters as possible to pledge to take part in TWO events to raise public awareness. We want 700 people to sign up to the '700 More' group to represent the 700 extra flights that people will suffer every single day if a third runway is ever built. That's another quarter of a million flights every year - with all the associated extra noise and pollution.

We are only asking you to pledge to attend two events - which will be peaceful public photo opportunities and are likely to be fun too. (We hope you'll enjoy being part of the group and want to do more but that's entirely up to you.) We'll have an exclusive '700 more' group T-shirt, which people can borrow or buy - the £5 for the T-shirt is subsided to keep it affordable for all. Surely your quality of life is worth a few hours of your time and a fiver.

Sign up at
or Email me on:
or Call now on: 07850 904677
making sure to give your email details or phone number very clearly. We will advise you well in advance of any event. In the past, supporters have taken part in a variety of activities - from a quick photo in a location that is under threat, to a coach trip taking half a day. Many events take 2-3 hours.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Neil Keveren

neil walking to scotland
On the 400-mile walk from Harmondsworth to the Scottish parliament last year.

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