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6/10/2020 -
Protest Cancelled : - Due to the deadly Convid-19, we have cancelled any planned/organised protest outside the Supreme Court on the 7th Oct.

...we feel that there are alternatives to protesting in large groups, and hope you will follow court proceedings online at

Plan B Earth and Friends of the Earth will be arguing for the Court of Appeal's February ruling to be upheld - as nothing has changed. You can find Plan B's submission to the Supreme Court here at and Friends of the Earth webpage here

Below are just a few of the dozens of selfies sent in by our supporters this week, supporters who would have been at the Supreme Court protesting if it weren't for the deadly Convid-19.

Stop Heathrow Expansion protesters

Stop Heathrow Expansion protesters

It is expected that the Supreme Court's verdict will not be delivered until early in 2021. We will of course keep you updated.


26/7/2020 -

On the 27th February 2020, the Appeal Court unanimously ruled that the government's Airport National Policy Statement (ANPS) was illegal, because the Government had not properly taken into account the UK responsibilities on carbon emissions, or commitments under the Paris Climate Change Agreement (limiting Global temperature rise to 1.5'c) when drawing up its plans to expand Heathrow. The ANPS document is now invalid in law, and will remain so until it is amended to rectify its deficiencies. It is for the Secretary of State for Transport to do that, but the Government declined to challenge the Appeal Court judgement. So Heathrow asked the Supreme Court for permission to appeal the Court decision.

The Supreme Court has announced that it will hear an appeal from Heathrow on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th October 2020 for the plans to expand heathrow Airport by adding a 3rd Runway. More details at

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Stop 700 More Planes a day



To raise awareness of the campaign issues.



Creative events and peaceful public photo opportunities that are likely to be fun too.

What is it?


We want 700 people to sign up to the 'Stop 700 More' group, a name that reminds the public of the 700 extra flights that people will be subjected to every single day if a third runway is ever built. Thats 255,000 more planes a year! Every year!

How does it work?


You receive an email informing you of an 'event' and you can decide whether to attend as one of your two pledged events. We advise you well in advance but we may not give all the details until the last minute. We've had coach trips where the purpose and duration has been known but not the destination. For quick Flashmobs, supporters may know the date and time well in advance but not the exact venue. Pledge cards and T-shirts will be sorted out at the new member's first event.

Where do I sign up?


Complete the box or boxes above - it couldn't be easier.

Whats the deal?


Just pledge to take part in TWO of our 'Stop 700 More' events. Hopefully you'll want to join us for more. At each event we will have a pool of special 'Stop 700 More' T-shirts, which we'd like you to wear for the photo opportunity.