We stopped the Heathrow/Sipson 3rd Runway in the courts in 2010. We will do it again!

High Court Justice Holgate has given permission for the 5 challenges to the 3rd Runway to go ahead 11th March 2019

15th Jan 2019 Pre Trial Review - please come along!
outside court
Outside Court

"The hearing will be about the question of Law, and not about disagreements with the decision. It has to be argued that the decision maker had not taken something into account that they should have done". (Click to see the Process). The 5 challenges represent 12 organisations who are taking legal action against the current Transport Secretary Chris Grayling over his plans for Heathrows 3rd Runway, asking for the government's Airport NPS to be quashed. This is the most number of challenges ever to a government backed infrastructure project.

1. Five councils, the Mayor of London and Greenpeace...more ▼

2. Friends of the Earth...more ▼

3. Plan B Earth, Climate Change Campaigning charity ...more ▼

4. Heathrow Hub Limited/Runway Inovations ...more ▼

5. Neil Spurrier - Lawyer from Twickenham ...more ▼

6. Robin Clarke - Birmingham resident ...more ▼

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The population is being victimised by Corporatism

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Opposition Growing against 3rd Runway

10 Reasons to Stop Heathrow Expansion

Carbon Emissions calculator - ICAO

Mr Cadbury, founder of Cadbury Chocolates, looked after his employee's - built them houses, villages... But Heathrow, bulldozes its employees houses, schools and villages! Like Starbucks &Google, Heathrow pays minimal Corporate tax and takes all its profits out of the country for its foreign owners!

In less than 400 days time, Heathrow is going to try and kick 783 families out their homes. Aren't Compulsory Purchase Orders for Governments/Councils? Not for private company's to increase their profits?